If effort and good intentions could save you, Jesus would not have had to come.
Paul Tripp (via littlethingsaboutgod)
Prayers please

Through this blog I’d like to ask my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to help me pray for my family and our church, but mostly for our church and the youth.

Thank you so much. God bless.

If you want to know the sincerity of a person’s love for Jesus, watch how they treat people who offend them.


Jesus taught us love is a thing of action, of substance, of self-sacrifice.

We can gain a mature and intimate relationship with Jesus so that we are always sensitive to him. We can also practice his presence by purposefully having an ongoing conversation with him throughout our day. His presence is a fact. Our awareness of that fact is what is lacking.
The presence of the Lord brings the realization of his love, mercy, grace and power. His presence brings strength, healing, direction, hope, determination and everything else needed in our day. You should be practicing his presence.
Yahweh is also everywhere at once and knows everything. He doesn’t just judge our actions but also our heart. He knows our motivation for doing what we do. This is wonderful when we have good intentions but not so good when the good we do comes from a wrong motivation. How can we protect or defend yourself from such a God? We can’t because Jesus can.
Praise the Lord because the Creator desires restoration and reconciliation over justice. He has made a way for our rebellion to be forgiven where before no way had existed.

Jesus said that he who has been forgiven much will love much. I remind you of this because Yahweh knows our heart, our motivation, our desires. He knows if we are sincere about Jesus or just being religious. He knows if we are mocking him by using the right words while filled with evil thoughts. He knows if we are conforming to the acceptable instead of being transformed by the incredible. It matters to him, the God of justice.